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The American Bystander

The American Bystander | Issue #11 Digital

The American Bystander | Issue #11 Digital

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Welcome to Issue #11 of The American Bystander! Our readers have come to rely on us for timeless humor writing, and this issue is no exception. We've curated an extraordinary lineup of comedic geniuses who have crafted something truly exceptional. Get ready for an abundance of wit!

Inside, you'll find an exclusive peek into Donald Trump's classified KGB file, alongside masterful works from renowned cartoonists such as Sam Gross, Peter Kuper, and M.K. Brown. Their thoughtful, hilarious, and brilliant contributions will both engage and entertain you. We're also thrilled to showcase original pieces from Brian McConnachie and an impressive group of 60 other talented contributors.

This issue promises to offer something for everyone, whether you're a devoted fan of The American Bystander or just stumbling upon us for the first time. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled humor and literary craftsmanship. Enjoy the ride!

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